Tour de France 2002

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Pictures taken on 26 July 2002 in Bourg-en-Bresse and on 27th July 2002 in Macon (with one exception).

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Bourg-en-Bresse: stage leaders   Head of peloton on final straight   The peloton cruises last kilometer   Back of peloton

Applause for 'lanterne rouge'

Deutsche Telekom support car

Start of the caravan

Caravan: Aquarel water

PMU in the caravan

Macon: Virenque warms up

Macon: 1 K mark

One kilometer to go

Finishing straight, Macon

Crowd near the finish

Française des Jeux

Crédit Agricole

Fassa Bortolo

Kelme-Costa Blanca

Stuart O'Grady, Crédit Agricole

Millar fans

David Millar

Laurent Jalabert

Interview: Lotto


Official Tour boutique, Bourg

Merchandise stand, Bourg

Water given out free, Bourg

Support for Jaja, Macon

Armstrong fans, Bourg

An official buvette, Macon

A job seeker in Macon

Hospitality village, Macon

Hospitality in Macon

Fans and US Postal bike, Macon

Armstrong contre la montre

TV victory ceremony, Paris

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