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Book – Football in France. A Cultural History, Oxford: Berg, 2003. ISBN 1-85973-657-2 (cloth), 1-85973-662-9 (paper)

Book – (edited with H Dauncey) The Tour de France, 1903-2003: A Century of Sporting Structures, Meanings and Values (Sport in the Global Society no. 40), London: Frank Cass, 2003; ISBN 0-7146-5362-4 (cloth), 0-7146-8297-7 (paper). ISBN 0-7146-5362-4 (cloth), 0-1746-8297-7 (paper); first appeared as special issue of The International Journal of the History of Sport (ISSN 0952-3367), vol. 20, no. 2, June 2003

Chapter – (with H Dauncey) ‘The Tour de France: A Pre-Modern Contest in a Post-Modern Context’, in Dauncey and Hare (2003) above, pp.1-29.

Chapter – ‘Popular Music on French Radio and Television’ in H Dauncey and S. Cannon, Popular Music in France from Chanson to Techno. Culture, Identity and Society, Aldershot: Ashgate, 2003, pp.57-75. ISBN 0-7546-0849-2 Chapter – ‘Radio and popular culture’ in H Dauncey (ed.), French Popular Culture. An Introduction, London: Arnold, 2003, pp.48-61. ISBN 0-340-80882-9

Article – (with H Dauncey) ‘Parler d’une absence: la réception médiatique de la participation au Tour de France des coureurs britanniques’, Web Journal for French Media Studies, December 2003 []


Article – ‘Is French football still French? Globalisation, national identity, and professional sport as spectacle and commodity’, in C. Rolfe and Y. Rocheron, Shifting frontiers of France and Francophonie (Selected papers of ASMCF Annual Conference, Aug.30th -Sept 1st 2000, Leicester University), Oxford/Bern: Peter Lang, 2004, pp. 135-148 (ISBN 3906768317)


Article – ‘A cultural Maginot line: Legal restrictions on playing English and American records on French radio’, Music Tank website [] announced as forthcoming Feb. 2005, but did not appear.


Article – (with H Dauncey), ‘James Gordon Bennett, le Paris Herald et le sport (1887-1918) : influences américaines en France dans le sponsoring et l’internationalisation du sport’, in Attali, M. (ed.), Sports et Médias. Du XIXe à nos jours, Musée national du sport/Editions Séguier-Atlantica, 2010 [Actes du 13e carrefour d’histoire du sport : sports et médias (Grenoble University, 30 October–1st November 2008)], Paris / Biarritz : Editions Atlantica, 2010, pp. 239-258.

Article – ‘A Regional Alliance Française and the Free French’, in A Day in June: Britain and de Gaulle, 1940. Essays to commemorate 60th anniversary of de Gaulle’s appel du 18 juin 1940. Reprinted to commemorate the seventieth anniversary. Edited by Anne Corbett and Douglas Johnson, Published by Franco-British Council, 2010, pp.51-53. See:

Article – ‘Daudet et le regard touristique’, Le Petit Chose, 4e série [99], 2010, pp.61-72.


Article – ‘En attendant l’Arlésienne… et la suite’, Le Petit Chose, 4e série [101], 2012, pp. 49-60.


Article – (with H Dauncey) ‘Cosmopolitanism united by electricity and sport: James Gordon Bennett Jun. and the Paris Herald as sites of internationalism and cultural mediation in belle époque France’, French Cultural Studies, 2014, Vol. 25(1) 38–53 (expanded and rewritten version of ‘The Press and ‘internationalisation’ of Sport in the Belle Epoque: identity and issues around media/sport/sites of ‘internationalism’, FMRG one-day conference on ‘Media and Sport’, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, 8 September 2011).

Article – (with H Dauncey) ‘Sport and the Media: Representing and Conceptualising Identity and Community’ in M. Attali and J Saint-Martin (eds.), ‘Sport and the media’ special issue of Science et motricité – Movement & Sport Sciences, 2014

2014 forthcoming:

Article – ‘What is an international match? French football clubs and the earliest “international matches” ’, in P. Dietschy (ed.), selected papers from FREE colloquium « Origines et naissance de l’Europe du football », Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon, 28-29 September 2012.

Article – ‘Football and the European collective memory in Britain: the case of the 1960 European Cup Final’ in N. Haverman and W Pyta (eds) selected papers from FREE conference ‘European Football & Collective Memory’, University of Stuttgart, 22-23 February 2013.

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