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French Society and Politics 2007

Elections présidentielles 2007 : les résultats des deux tours

Sites des candidats aux élections présidentielles 2007

Ségolène Royal
Olivier Besancenot
Marie-George Buffet
Dominique Voynet
Arlette Laguiller
José Bové
Gérard Schivardi
François Bayrou
Nicolas Sarkozy
Jean-Marie Le Pen
Philippe de Villiers
Frédéric Nihous

Sites sur les Elections présidentielles 2007

IPSOS latest political opinion polls
Site officiel du Conseil Constitutionnel national electoral scrutinizing body
Site officiel du Ministère de l'Intérieur overview of French elections

Media and Press dedicated sites

Site Radio France: Présidentielle 2007 well organised, full site, with good links
Site Le Monde: Présidentielle 2007 with good up-to-date links to its own full coverage of political 'actualité' - see pages on candidates
Site Libération: Présidentielle 2007 good on including readers' reactions
Site Le Figaro: Présidentielle 2007 concentrats on big candidates, but see its up-dated dossier of official candidates
Site L'Express: Présidentielle concentrating on Sarko - Ségo
Site Le Nouvel Observateur: Elysée 2007 strong coverage of politics of the pre-campaign - photos of candidates
Site RTL: Présidentielle 2007 easy-to-find summaries of candidates and opinion polls

Other election sites

Wikipédia en français explains system and some of the issues "Site d’information indépendant", incl. academics, pollsters, journalists and others (with info on main candidates and links to many potential 'petits candidats') details on candidates, plus extensive statistical info on previous results at all levels of election extensive site with up-to-date status of declared, potential or withdrawn runners extensive site linked to "blog de Laurent de Boissieu, journaliste politique"; lists of declared and potential candidates and links to their personal or party sites self-styled Observatoire National des parrainages aux candidats à l'élection présidentielle 2007, incl. previous results Independent of parties, aims to be objective and provides extensive resources (see site plan) counts web references left-wing site independent of parties [seeking further contributions to info on minor candidates (Dec 2006)] not an extensive site

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